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ICSB Vancouver Island - Summary of Services

 ICSB Van Isle is a fully equipped Canine Reproduction facility, exclusively trained and licensed by ICSB for all of Vancouver Island.  Our success depends on our ability to provide you, the breeder,  with the highest quality of service and care for your valuable breeding stock. 

To this end we offer the following services provided by ICSB trained staff and our qualified Veterinarians:

Frozen Semen – collection, evaluation and freezing.  Before we freeze we will evaluate your dog's semen to ensure its the best quality possible, once frozen we will then do a post thaw assessment to determine post thaw quality and number of breedings.  When you are  ready to provide stud service or if you move out of town, we will ensure you frozen semen is packed properly for transport and arrives at its destination in good shape.  You can also use it in house at our facility if you are breeding one of your own dogs.

Shipping Fresh Chilled  - We take the headache and stress out of this process for you and will collect, evaluate, pack and ship your fresh chilled semen. We can also track and interpret progesterone numbers for the bitch's owners and advise and coordinate the best day for shipping.  If you are not available on  the day shipping is required, you can drop your stud dog off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon and we will ensure your shipment gets off on time.

Receipt of  Semen – If there is a great stud dog you would like to use but don't want to ship your bitch, we can advise on the best breeding date, coordinate with the stud dog owner, track your shipment and receive fresh or frozen semen for immediate  insemination or storage.

Artificial Insemination – Vaginal or surgical inseminations  are offered and we will be happy to advise you on the pro's and con's of each to help you determine which is best for your situation, budget, breed of dog and type of semen being utilized.

Semen Evaluation – We can collect and evaluate semen to check for quality, quantity and motility.  This is particularly useful for young dogs that are just starting a breeding career or older dogs to ensure that they are still producing viable semen. Knowing that your stud dog's semen is viable, you can be confindent that an unsuccessful breeding is not the fault of your stud. A certificate of findings can also be provided for stud dogs that are pending sale.

Epididymal Harvest - In the event of a  tragedy which leaves your stud dog deceased or unable to breed, we can harvest and freeze sperms cells from the testes to ensure that his genetic material is not lost forever. We have about a 48 hour window for this so time is of the essence. Shipping kits are available for out of town owners.

Progesterone Testing- We offer next day progesterone results and can take the guesswork out of breeding. If you have to travel some distance to visit a stud, sending your female away for breeding or just wanting to maximize your litter size,  progesterone testing is an
invaluable tool for you.  This allows you to pinpoint ovulation exactly and still have a full sized litter with just one breeding date ( 11-14 pups is not unusual for some of our breeders with only one breeding or insemination on the correct day).

DNA – We offer the collection and sending of cheek swabs for paternity testing and registration - required for AKC breedings.

Brucellosis Testing – Brucellosis can wipe our your entire breeding program and most stud owners won't accept a bitch without a clear test result. This is a simple send out blood test with results back in 1-3 days.

Ultrasound -We have an in house ultrasound machine and can confirm pregnancy, fetal heart rates and often rule out illnesses like Pyometria.

Mobile Services - If you have a large number of stud dogs to be collected and frozen or a club or group that would like to hold a clinic, we may be able to organize that for you, just ask.

In addition we are located within Van Isle Vet Hospital a full service facility which offers a full range of Veterinary care including:

Digital X-rays - Hip and Elbow images can be taken and sent to OFA or OVC for certification prior to breeding.   X-rays can also be a useful tool for counting fetuses/confirming size of each puppy prior to whelping. 

C-Sections- A Veterinarian as well as support staff are on call 24/7 to provide emergency care for your bitch in the event the need arises.

In House Laboratory – many  blood tests can be done in house with results the same day.

Puppy Wellness Checks -  Vaccines, microchips, flight certs, health certs and de-worming. Home or office visits available.

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