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Below is a list of products we have available for purchase, please call or email for pricing.

ICSB Puppy Pack -
Thoroughly tested and most successful kit available today!

Veterinarians and breeders agree that
the Puppy Pak provides an easy to use system which prevents damage to semen due to over-handling during the collection, packaging and shipping process.

Easy to use-just 4 simple steps:
  1. Collect semen specimen from dog
  2. Pour specimen into the media tube and cap
  3. Place into the "Puppy Pak" kit as instructed
  4. Ship
To use, simply warm the cooled semen to between room and body temperature and inseminate.

ICSB Puppy Paks are reusable. No need to buy an entire new kit each time. All you need to order is the replacement media

ICSB Cryo-Kit

For the convenience of breeders who live some distance from our centre.  All you need to do to have your dog's semen frozen and stored is...
  1. Collect semen from your dog
  2. Add the semen to the Cryo-Kit Media
  3. Place the semen-media in the Cryo-Kit
  4. Ship Cryo-Kit to ICSB Van Isle for freezing and storage (separate freezing and storage fees apply)
*This product has been thoroughly tested and developed by ICSB before being offered to dog breeders

ICSB Epididymal Harvest Kit

The ICSB Epi-Kit is an amazing opportunity for breeders and pet owners to preserve that special friend and stud dog that cannot be replaced. The sperm cells that are extracted, (when shipped and cared for properly) have an excellent chance of survival, even in situations where the dog has died traumatically or has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

The staff at ICSB Van Isle have been extensively trained in this delicate and little known procedure by Prof Carrol Platz who exclusively researched and developed the procedure for success.

When you wish to ship the testes from an animal that is neutered, euthanized or has expired from an accident or diseases please call our office for prices and procedures that your vet should follow for optimum results.  Kits can be ordered  in advance to have on hand  if and when the need arises.

Disposable Collection Kit

Disposable Collection sheath and gloves for large or toy breeds (please specify size)

Artificial Insemination Kit

Disposable insemination rod, connector,  shringe, lubricant and gloves.  (please specify size of dog)

ICSB Shipping Media Replacement - refill media for puppy packs (must be shipped overnight)

ICSB Semen Extension Media - Increase volume and/or improve quality of canine ejaculates. Dog breeders rely on this media for improved canine semen samples when performing vaginal inseminations. Improved sperm motility and progressive movement in most cases and provides an excellent medium to increase ejaculate volume

ICSB Buffer Solutions:

Item # PH-AC (Acid) PH-Alkaline
For adjusting low or high pH canine semen. Specify which buffer is needed: instructions included

 Item # ICSB-Buffer #SU
A buffering solution that offers protection for sperm cells when urine occurs in the canine ejaculate. 

Item # HS
A buffering solution that offers protection for sperm cells when blood cells are present in the ejaculate.
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