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How do you ensure the quality of the semen once its thawed?
We do a pre freeze and post thaw assesment of every collection.  First we collect, evaluate and freeze and then once its frozen we thaw one pellet and check the quality again so you know what to expect from your sample later when its time to use it.

Who can access my vials?
Only the person listed on the form as the owner or anyone they have designated in writing  can withdraw semen from the bank. If you wish to provide stud service there is an authorization form giving us permission to release vials to anyone other than yourself.  

How much notice do you need to ship?
We prefer to have at least two days notice to organize a shipment. We can ship with less notice but a stat fee will apply to last minute shipments so we recommend letting us know as soon as you know that you may need to ship.

What paperwork is required?
We ask you to bring in a copy of your dogs registration papers at the time of freezing so we can accurately fill out forms.  Also if your dog is AKC registered then a DNA profile is required, we can take and submit a DNA cheek swab at the time of freezing, if requested.

How many breedings can I get from one collection?
It depends on the breed, age, fertility and other factors.  Some dogs will produce a large number of breedings in one collection and less in another.  Minimizing stress and having an estrus female in the room will assist in getting a good collection and help to maximize the potential number of breedings from one collection.  The number of sperm cells needed for conception also varies per breed and by method of insemination (vaginal or surgical).

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